About Us

We Have A Mission

If you are here, chances are you are like us: in search of wisdom that is tried and true, battle tested and guaranteed to provide insight and enlightenment.

However, you may not know just where to begin your quest in finding what it is you seek. That is where we-your literary companions-come into play and render what aid we can.

We want to make sure the world is treated to the important lessons offered by world history, and also, engage people by introducing them to the importance and beauty of cultural heritage.

Through the use of our blog, as well as our social media profiles, and interaction with our readers, we seek to provide those interested with some of the most famous quotes, stories and texts so that they can learn and apply them to their own lives. Some literature ends up becoming more prevalent than others-for instance, every student knows about The Iliad– and so our goal is to make sure that we bring to the surface all forms of classical literature, even the most obscure.

Whether you seek literature from the Mesopotamians, Ancient Greece, beyond that or somewhere in between, we can certainly help.

We aim to make history compelling and exciting, and we want to inspire those who stumble upon our website to learn and grow just as our site’s original creator did years ago. Our goal is to intersect technology and ancient literature to create a platform where knowledge becomes free and open to all. Our website is written professionally but also in an easy to understand way so that everyone is free to enjoy this information.

Who We Are?

We are seekers, we are teachers. We are thirsty for knowledge. We are eternal students of literature and the world at large.

We love to read, and we want to share this love with you and your fellow students, teachers and those who seek the wisdom and lessons of ancient texts. We enjoy interpreting and analyzing any and all of these works, and welcome commentary or interpretation.

We are not experts by any means. We are interested “average Joes” who have been puzzled and confused by questions about some of the world’s best-loved ancient authors, like Homer, Sophocles, and Euripides.

We want to know the ins and outs of these valuable works. Some questions that really made us think were things like:

  • We know Oedipus married his mother, but what was her name?
  • How does Antigone factor into this, anyway?
  • Who actually wrote The Oresteia?
  • What language was The Aeneid written in, originally?

Our inspiration to keep this blog up and running comes from the thirst for knowledge that our friend Luke Mastin had when he first started it years ago. It is just one of his many projects devoted to helping ordinary folks-laypeople, if you will-discover the wonder of these ancient works.

Luke himself is a very accessible and approachable fellow, having had no formal training in philosophy or literature. His mission was to create a website that everybody could use and understand-from the most learned men and women all the way down to those who perhaps have no formal education under their belts.

His creativity and hunger to learn about the world is easy to see in the documentation of his travels as well as the many websites he has created. These websites showcase information about all kinds of wonderful subjects, like mathematics, time, history and even spelling differences between Canada, USA and Britain.

Our goal is to offer well-researched thoughts and ideas, and texts, in ways that can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of their station in life.

We believe that offering this literature helps us build bridges and better understand modern literature, art and politics. Whether you are a student of Shakespeare or studying a modern rendition of a classic work, we think having an understanding of where some of these ideas began leads us to a greater appreciation of them.

What We Offer?

In addition to the main classical works of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and other Ancient Civilizations, we also have some biographies of the world’s most important classical writers, and also summaries of their most famous and relevant pieces.

You will also find a chronological timeline as well as an alphabetized index of these authors and their works. We have also included, for your research ease, an index of the characters which appear in these works-they are described when you simply mouse over the green links contained within. You can also take advantage of the search box to the left on every page to quickly find what you seek.

We Want to Talk

Studying, discussing, and interpreting history helps us better understand the nuances of the world in which we currently live. Our individual experiences are enhanced when we have an understanding of those who came before us. The knowledge of history and its interpretation shapes how we as humans define ourselves as both individual nations and as cultural groups.

It also has an influence on how we view and interact with other people of different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. We want to help everybody, everywhere gain a better understanding of history. In doing this, we become more aware of our fellow humans and how our pasts, presents and futures are connected in more ways than we know. We also become more tolerant and educated, not to mention open-minded in doing this.

Please Contact Us

Whether you have a question about something on our website, or you would like to discuss anything you found on our blog with us, we would love to hear from you.

We want to hear from you whether you have a submission, a comment, a question, or even a favorite quotation that you want to tell everybody about. Our goal is to widen the discussion circle as much as we can to gain a wide range of ideas, interpretations and of course knowledge.

Please feel free to send us an email anytime.

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